Our County

Benton County is blessed in many ways. Our community is a welcoming, progressive one. We have low unemployment and a stable tax base. Our county is home to many wonderful and productive farms. Local residents have ready access to cultural events and educational opportunities.

But Benton County is also challenged on many fronts. We suffer from some of the worst income inequality in the entire country – a situation that our current leaders have allowed to fester and grow for years. We’re also in the midst of a housing crisis that is brutal for local renters and young families, and that hinders our economic development opportunities, as well as our ability to continue to be a diverse, welcoming place. This too is an issue that has gone unaddressed by local leaders. Benton County is also subject to the effects of climate change, and again, our local leaders have done precious little to address this crucial issue.

Here in Benton County we do not suffer from a lack of means to address these problems – but we have been hindered by a lack of true, bold, progressive leadership. Currently, our county government is not accounting for the needs of future generations at all. This election offers a unique opportunity to change that dynamic. In these perilous times, a business-as-usual candidate isn’t enough to stand up to the onslaught of threats we are facing.

The Candidate

My name is Max Mania, and I offer you bold, progressive leadership and experience. I am running as an unaffiliated candidate, because I know that political partisanship is just another barrier to getting things done. We must move past the fear-based, “us or them” approach to politics that serves no purpose other than to divide us, and impede progress. With no Republican in the race, the residents of Benton County now have a unique opportunity to vote for someone with extensive experience, vision, a history of accomplishments, and a deep passion for progressive policies, without the fear of any sort of “spoiler” effect.

In many ways, I believe I am a candidate tailor-made for this time and for our community. I am a fifth-generation Oregonian, and have a deep appreciation for our state’s natural beauty and culture. As a life-long environmentalist, I will make fighting climate change on the local level a priority, and will work to put protections for our environment in place. I have plans to help protect renters – plans that can be implemented immediately. I’m also deeply committed to community engagement, transparency and accountability, and will work every day to see that those values are part of Benton County government. And, on a personal level, as a man married to a woman of color, I am keenly aware of the social, economic and political challenges facing our diverse community.

You can read more about my history and experience on the Who Max Is page, and on my blog. I trust that you’ll see that I have the vision, experience and courage to serve Benton County well in the role of County Commissioner. As a progressive, unaffiliated candidate and Commissioner, I will work tirelessly to address the needs of Benton County, and to build a sustainable future for all of us. I will be beholden to you, the people, not a political party.