Letters to the Editor

The following Letters to the Editor have been published in the Gazette Times:

Aug 21: Backing Mania for commissioner
“As a child development specialist/educator, I care deeply about preserving the health of this county for generations to come. I believe Max Mania has the values and experience to support the future of Benton County.”

Aug 23: Mania can move county forward
“Max Mania is hard-working, dedicated, authentic, and has ideas to make Benton County better. I’ve volunteered with Max at multiple events… Max shows up, and walks the walk.”

Aug 26: Mania’s the pick for commissioner
“Elect me, and I will advocate for cutting my own salary in half.” These are not words we typically hear from someone running for public office. But Max Mania, candidate for Benton County commissioner, has said just this, and it’s worth everyone’s attention.”

Aug 29: Mania’s a good choice for commissioner
“Max served on the City Council in Port Angeles, Washington. Among his accomplishments was… getting the city to adopt its first, formal ethics code, adding more members of the public to important advisory groups, allocating more funds to help low-income residents with utility bills, improving relationships with other local governments, and serving as a board member of the local transit agency. And Max takes great pride in having voted against tens of millions of dollars in wasteful spending.”

Aug 30: Mania offers a progressive view
I am a registered Democrat but I am not voting for the Democrat nominee for Benton County commissioner. Why? Because I don’t just vote based on party, I vote for progressive platforms and policies that serve the people.”

Aug 31: Independent voice for the county
“Max Mania, the independent county commissioner candidate, was obviously the best prepared and expressed the clearest messages of connecting with the rural areas of the county, building strategies, thorough planning, and taking action.”

Sept 3: Mania aims to get things done
“I have come to know Max as a thoughtful, investigative, energetic, articulate, and ethical person who is doing more than just talk about things that need changing, protecting, improving, streamlining. He is showing up… And now he is offering his passion, commitment, reason, and time to the people — all the people — of Benton County.”

Sept 3: Mania will bust us out of our rut 
“Let us put our money where our mouth is and research values and platforms rather than playing “Simon says” with our parties.”

Sept 3: Mania demonstrates compassion for all
“In discovering Max I have witnessed a compassion that extends beyond talking points. He has been a constant presence in anti-racist work and progressive actions… No county commissioner has done this in my lifetime. This should be the new normal.”

Sept 12: Mania will stand for the people
“I’m voting for Max Mania, because he has a powerful history of standing up for the health and well-being of people and the environment, while opposing the corporate interests that would harm us.”

Sept 20: Mania brings interest to race
“It is obvious to me that rather than just running a campaign, Max has been out there in the community for a year talking to the people and identifying needs, and figuring out how the county can address some of those issues. He has spent the time and mental energy to actually have developed a platform and concrete, actionable plans to make our county better.”

Sept 24: Mania’s platform is impressive
“I have known Max personally as someone who shows up and pitches in, ready and willing to help when his community needs him. But reading Max’s platform on the website gave me a much greater appreciation for the experience and knowledge he has. I was especially impressed with his priorities: enacting tenant protections, addressing income inequality, fighting climate change locally, developing community partnerships and increasing oversight and accountability.”

Sept 25: Mania has solutions to big problems
“I love Corvallis, but I am afraid I will not be able to live here at the rate it is going. That’s why we need concrete policies and proposals from our elected leaders; not just empty promises and no specific plan. Max understands what true, affordable housing is, and it is one of his top priorities.”

Sept 26: Mania is a true progressive
“Max is truly dedicated to building bridges between the various peoples, and communities in the county— and is deeply committed to removing social barriers that keep people marginalized.”

Oct 1: Mania’s the best bet for commissioner
“As an immigrant to this country, it is important to me that my government representatives support minorities.  I recently learned that Max has been involved in the ACLU for over two decades. This tells me he’s been an active supporter of our civil rights for a long time.”

Oct 1: Mania will work to unite county
“As county commissioner Max will listen and work with all of us, regardless of our politics. I know that Max has integrity and a sense of community service that is a part of everything he does. I want to see Max in a position of leadership in Benton County.”

Oct 4: Mania’s the best bet for commission
“When he decided to run for this office over a year ago he began attending the Benton County commissioners’ meetings. Consequently, he is very familiar with how business is done on the commission. He has presented concrete policy proposals for the county.”

Oct 4: Mania offers a unique opportunity
“This ballot possesses a unique opportunity for voters to choose the very best county commissioner. There is only a Democrat running for this position and so we can choose our best candidate without the risk of allowing a worse candidate to be voted in.”

Oct 5: Mania stands out in county race
“In the debate, one candidate stood far above the rest.  Max Mania provided specific actions. He spent 10 hours volunteering at Corvallis Pride 2018 alongside a long history of allyship. Max was safeguarding women against anti-choice protesters as they went to obtain healthcare decades ago. His long history of allyship, municipal experience, and love for Benton County shone through.”

Oct 5: Mania offers bold solutions
“Max has thrown himself into problem-solving, meeting with a wide spectrum of community members: business owners, farmers, religious leaders, teachers, health care workers, artists, environmental activists, homeless persons and students. In the years I’ve known and volunteered alongside Max, I’ve seen how he truly cares about others.”

Oct 5: Mania’s prepared for commission
“He has a strong platform for homeless issues, housing affordability and climate change.  Max has plans for improving public transit regionally and the bridge-building and budgeting experience to get it done. It is clear that he brings experience and ideas that the other candidates do not.”

Oct 6: Ready to vote for Max Mania
“Max Mania is sincerely committed to all Benton County residents. By far, he’s the candidate with the most experience and most prepared to be our county commissioner. I have no doubt Max is not afraid to work tirelessly for all of us.”

Oct 8: Mania has studied the county’s issues
“What impressed me most was hearing that he’s been studying county issues since January 2017. In addition to attending commissioner meetings for two years, he’s been reflecting and writing in real time on his blog about what he heard. I can look back and see exactly where Max stands on critically important problems. Looking backward helps me know what he’ll do going forward.”

Oct 10: Mania will speak for the future
“I’ve lived in Benton County all my life. I love it here. But I’ve seen and experienced the challenges our county has faced over the years. Max’s discussions on homelessness, income inequality, environmental degradation, and tenant rights resonated loudly with me.  He’s experienced, reliable, and his passion is absolutely dauntless. He will not sit quietly and let issues our county faces continue to grow.”

Oct 11: Mania offers bold leadership
“Max is endorsed by the Service Employees International Union 503, a union representing over 60,000 workers in Oregon, and local progressive groups. These aren’t standard-issue partisan endorsements; these are endorsements from the people of Benton County that Max earned through hard work.”

Oct 10: How Max Mania earned my vote
“Max has genuine concern for the less privileged among us. His plans to protect renters, build community partnerships, and fight climate change locally are forthright and sound. And his experience serving on a City Council, managing municipal budgets, is sure to keep him grounded in fiscal reality.”

Oct 12: Mania understands county’s concerns
“He continually demonstrates his capacity to be receptive and constructive, not only as a candidate, but as a grounded participant in multiple local grassroots networks working for equality and sustainability in our region and beyond.”

Oct 12: Mania makes voting an easy choice
“I have known Mania to be honest and straightforward in his approach to his work in different boards. Max has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness both to his work and to his colleagues, and has carried out his obligations with vigor and resolve.”

Oct 11: Mania is best bet for commissioner
“Max has spent the last year greeting constituents from all over the county. He has had meetings with hundreds of people to understand the needs of the county, not just the city of Corvallis. Max has spoken to business owners, environmental activists, faith leaders, farmers, teachers, housing advocates and other groups to be responsive to the needs of Benton County.”

Oct 11: Mania will work for Benton County
“Now is the time to elect experienced, creative, passionate, dedicated leaders like Max with new ideas and the energy to move us forward into a new age.  If you agree that party politics tend not to represent the interests of the people, vote Max Mania. Remember, the status quo endorses its own.”

Oct 11: Back candidates who can lead
“City leaders need cooperative and insightful county partners. Max Mania has shown himself to be just that. Thoughtful, dedicated, and with the skills and experience to help local governments work together.”